26 - 28 November, 2018 | The Old Mill, Toronto, ON

Cristian Matei

Head of Business Transformation
Veolia Group

3:30 PM Workshop H: Operations Excellence: Building a lean, but effective organization to thrive in every market environment

• Identifying the strategic value levers and performance improvement opportunities in your company
• How to truly determine how reliable, safe and ef cient your operations are – and then set targets for change. What is the benchmark?
• Setting clear goals and targets for operations excellence
• Aligning leadership and the rest of the organization
• Creating a sustainable Operational Excellence framework - even as conditions change
• Linking your Operational Excellence plan to business needs and changing objectives
• Identifying your performance gaps
• How to translate the business values and strategies and policies into action
• Changing the organizational culture to incorporate OE principles into the everyday
• Managing “daily improvement” and strategic scorecard / metrics and sustaining continuous improvement
• Weighing the pros and cons of centralized versus localized continuous improvement programs
• Developing the right continuous improvement framework for your business to improve reliability and operability 

4:30 PM A large scale, complete turn-around transformation case study: How Veolia drives significant efficiency and growth from their courageous business process and architecture re-engineering project

Veolia Group, headquartered in France, is a $30B company with 164,000 employees worldwide. It has four main service and utility areas traditionally managed by public authorities – water management, waste management, transport and energy services. The vast Business Management experience with Veolia Group of Madalin Mihailovici, Mihai Savin, Irina Munteanu and their Colleagues within the Apa Nova Bucharest Management Team was combined with Cristian Matei’s experience who - after 20 years working with ABB, Alstom Power or General Electric as Global Head of Operational Quality & Continuous Improvement or Global Head of Learning & Development - joined Veolia in 2016 as Head of Transformation. In this inspiring case study, they will take the audience through the company’s transformation journey, including insight into:
  • “The burning platform” and how to deal with crisis management - while transforming problems into opportunities
  • Using a three-phased holistic approach to re-engineer business processes and organizational architecture to achieve higher business performance
  • Putting necessary tools and methodologies in place to transition from opinion-based leadership to a data-driven organisation
  • How to design continuous improvement management processes to continuously exceeding all stakeholders’ expectations while creating the self-sharpening organization 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Cristian .

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